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There are many tech wizards that provide online help to other using top-quality screen sharing software like CrossLoop, but a downside to screen sharing application is that they are bandwidth-heavy.
Besides that, a prerequisite to avail a process such as this one requires both individuals to have the same software. This is exactly why UltraVNC is a great substitute since it is fairly easy to utilize, performs fast operations and more importantly - is free of cost. As such, this software displays another computer’s screen on your PC.
They key distinction between UltraVNC and other similar software is that the former is known for being efficient and not tech-heavy, but both individuals must have UltraVNC installed. After installing the software they can enjoy a plethora of benefits, which also includes a viewing toolbar, file transfers, text chat and various scaling options.
Additionally, it is important to mention that UltraVNC’s speed is always appreciated by the majority of its users. Accordingly, where many screen sharing software lag due to different bandwidth problems, UltraVNC is “lightening fast” in sharing and connecting. In addition, if your device has an old OS, do not worry as the utility will work fine on it for example, on Windows 95, 98. Furthermore, the software is known to fulfill the needs of:
• I.T departments
• eLearning, Classroom control
• Help desk
• Remote Computer Support companies
• Users who want to assist their friends and relatives, or access their personal computer from cybercafés or workplace.
So, try out UltraVNC now and make your life easy.


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